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Veronica McMillian



Veronica McMillian is the recipient of the 2018 MLK Nonprofit Award. Since 2009, Veronica McMillian, Founder/President of the Micro-Nonprofit Network, has helped over 300 small nonprofits become 501c3 organizations. Ms. McMillian holds a Master’s Degree in Human Service Counseling from Regent University and is an Adjunct Instructor at Tidewater Community College.


Accomplishments in 2020
  • Benefits & Work Incentive Practitioner Certificate from Cornell University 2020

  • Featured on Channel 13 for “Beyond the March” Initiative 2020

  • Chesapeake ICON Award 2020

  • Outstanding Community Service Award 2020

Prior Accomplishments
  • Letter to the Editor Virginia Pilot Dec 

  • Conducted Non-Profit Workshop at CapCon

  • Conducted NonProfit Workshop at Bryan & Straton College

  • Conducted NonProfit Workshop in Collaboration with Fulton Bank & Virginia Beach Library 

  • Received NonProfit MKL Award 

  • Featured in Inside Business



We Believe...

that our personal and professional experiences enable us to provide person-centered, holistic, and authentic care for women and groups.



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The goal of the Soul Works is to educate, uplift, empower and inform women regarding three primary areas of their lives. These areas include spiritual, financial, and business empowerment. 

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